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Crystal Ritual Intention Candles

Rituals are tools that give us the freedom to take responsibility for the direction and purpose of our lives. Our task is to seize and shape this freedom—consciously, deliberately, and joyfully. While you light your Ritual Candle, focus on your intention. I encourage you to set your intentions by writing down the things that you wish to manifest in your life. Repeat your affirmations and read your intentions over your candle. 

How long will it take to receive my order?

“I made these candles with intent and blessing using the elements of earth, fire, water and air to act as a messenger to deliver your goals to the world. You are putting yourself out in the universe and inviting that which you want in your life.”

I make most of the candles and oils specially for you once ordered. Due to the nature of this, please allow 7-14 Business Days for completion of order. After this, your candles will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. You will be notified of a tracking number by email. Always feel free to contact me with the status of your order



Mini Candles

Looking for party favors? These adorable 2.5 oz sample size candles are the perfect addition to any gift or event.

Not sure which scent you would like? No worries- with our CandlesbyJay mini originals you are able to test our best and decide on your next new favorite scent. 


Majesty Candle

The Majesty Candle- similar to the Queen of Wands Tarot, reminds you that you are upbeat, courageous, and determined.

This candle features Strawberry Quartz- a stone of joy and celebration, Strawberry Quartz is known for its properties of attracting and maintaining Universal Love.


Good Fortune and Prosperity Candle

The color Green often symbolizes money, freedom, health and growth. I embellish this candle with money attracting and money drawing elements including bay leaves.

Citrine is the stone of Abundance and Manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. 


Ritual Intention Bath Soak

A Ritual Bath is a bath taken for a Spiritual Purpose . Since ancient times people have used baths to not only cleanse their bodies but to cleanse and revitalize their spirits.

I made the ultimate All Purpose Ritual Intention Bath experience to help cleanse your aura, heal your heart and get your mind, body and soul ready for your Manifestations. 


Harmony and Serenity Candle

This ethereal Harmony and Serenity Candle promotes all of the relaxing, peaceful, calming and tranquil energies to you and your space. Everyone deserve to de-stress and unwind. 

This candle smells beautifully of a blend of soothing Vanilla and Chamomile.


Goddess Candle

A Goddess is in tune with her Inner Divine Feminine Energy, an awakened woman full of strength, creativity, nurturing energy, wisdom and confidence. You are connected to your sacred power, your intuition, the elements of the earth and your inner and outer beauty.

This candle smells so sensually of Jasmine and Rose.




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